Ben – Fabrication and Machinist

Started his career as an old school apprentice working in a machine shop which allowed him to become an experienced setter/ machinist. He spent the next 20 years working his way up to the position of workshop manager. During this time he has become experienced in turning, milling and surface grinding as well as electro-mechanical production and installation. Ben is a qualified Hydraulic technician, experienced at prototyping and a fully certified coded welder. Yes he can fly and save people from burning buildings.

Mow AND Igor Paintwork and Airbrush

Has a somewhat eccentric and eclectic background. He dabbled in Taxidermy, airbrush, sculpting, pastels, acrylics, oils and as you can see face painting. Gav is a qualified motor mechanic and an amateur bike builder in his own right, with many years experience in a workshop environment. His real passion lies in his art, having painted in most mediums and is known for his car and motorcycle murals, detailing and paintwork.
Gav is usually walking in Tibet, Nepal and Northern India or living in a converted VW near the coast, but is on call for that unique paint-job. Checkout his website

Igor has joins use his new art work is on the war pig as you can see its top class am sure you will be seeing more of his work to

New web site build – Lee and Tony

Lee’s bike is being built at the moment which is called the KAF bike, I pulled a few strings from my friends and we rebuilt the website to bring it up to date. Hope you all like!

Accounts manager