Pigdog 2

Features Pig dog,twin carbs/timing sorted at last!!!!!test run time. Tommy – you're next! X Posted by Hairybush bike builders on Friday, 7 August 2015

Oldschool Chop


Fat Bastard Indian (F.B.I.)


The War Pig

Features Videos WARPIG WALK AROUND SCOTTISH TOMMYS WARPIG-JUST BACK FROM PAINT.START OF FINAL ASSEMBLY Posted by Hairybush bike builders on Sunday, 12 August 2012

Vampire Bike

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The K.A.F. Bike

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Tommy’s War Pig

Tommy’s bike started life as a few parts bought from HairyBush, the more we got talking the more the project developed into the ground up build you see here

Mario – Malta

Built by our Maltese Brothers Mario and ‘Prince’ Toney, this beautiful chop started off life as one of our ‘Silver Horse’ kits, but now has the Maltese touch!

Paul’s Low Rider

Paul’s Lowrider was in the Hairybush workshop for a set of hand made pipes, wiring (remote ignition and hazzard warning) and a few other bits and bobs. Its now ready for its SVA. Checkout our one off hydraulic clutch convertion for the right side drive 6 speed box. Awards: BEST IN SHOW – STOURBRIDGE MC […]

Babba Deep Singh Chopper

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