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Where do you import from?

Here at Hairybush we try to Import directly from the company that actually makes the product, in other words not everything that is sold in the States is manufactured in the States. By locating the actual maker of the product and buying direct from them we can cut out the ‘middle man’ and pass on the savings to our customers.

What Warranty do you offer?

Everything we sell if covered by the Manufacturers Warranty which varies from product to product. If a supplier cannot provide an acceptable Warranty we will not deal with them. I’ve lost the documentation that came with the great value high quality product you delivered.Most of the manuals and data sheets are on line … try here

When can i expect my order to arrive?

If we have your order in stock we can dispatch as soon as funds are cleared.If we don’t have your order in stock we have two options airfreight or sea freight. Airfreight suits smaller lighter orders or very urgent requirements and its normally here within the week. Sea freight is required for large heavy items and normally takes 4 to 5 weeks.

What’s the deal with SVA’s?

I bought parts from the states and got a huge duty + vat bill 3 weeks later, why?Single Vehicle Approval is required on every vehicle not previously used on UK roads.Partial SVA is for pre-approved production bikes just requiring UK registration ( grey imports) Full SVA is for either radically modified bikes or ground up custom built bikes.The SVA process can be frustrating, but it is there for a reason. Many of builders choose to transfer the identity of an existing bike onto their chop,we don’t recommend this for many reasons; one of which is insurance. There’s no need to avoid the s.v.a. If you want a brand new plate for a brand new bike-build it properly! and if you cant, get someone to help – the last thing you want is a deathtrap on the road. The sva is there to help, I can only speak from personal experience but I’ve always found them to be very helpful – we all get bad days, but you wouldn’t tell your granny how to suck eggs! so take their advice, do what you need to do, and get your bike sva’d and properly registered.

If you buy anything outside of the E.U. you pay our government their share!! (it hurts – but what can you do) rates of duty vary for different products, VAT is nearly always the same. If you buy something from the States thinking you’re saving money – just bear that in mind. It can be a bit of a nightmare buying overseas, there’s vat, customs and excise, freight charges, fuel tax, bonding agent fees, handling agent fees and forwarding agents fees not to mention currency fluctuations! When we buy we take that into account, the price we quote is the price you pay – no extras, and no bills weeks after. GUARANTEED.

What do you mean by ‘Kit Bike’ or ‘Bike Kit’?

Our bike kit or kit bike is essentially a List of Parts to achieve a particular style bike. We do this because if we order all the parts in our ‘kit list’ in one go we get a better price than if we ordered all the parts individually, we save on freight charges and we take advantage of better exchange rates on larger bank transfers. All these savings we can pass on to the customer. The main advantage is that you get all of the expensive parts delivered in one go and can get your project up and moving looking like a bike with only a few hours work. The parts in the Kit List are the closest fitting parts available, this said there will be work to get some parts to fit. Tank mounts need to be welded to the frame, wheel spacers need to be machined, brackets may be required to be made and welded or bolted Ect. All this work can be done by Hairy Bush just ask.

The Parts supplied are to American Spec, as you would expect, so be aware that indicators, light lenses, etc may need to be bought up the local regulations before M.O.T or S.V.A. Usually a wiring pack is included in the kit with easy to follow circuit diagrams. Batteries are usually included but due to import regulations we don’t normally include Tyres. Don’t forget the kit list isn’t written in stone, if you want different style or spec parts (including Engine and Wheel sizes) then we can suggest an alternative or an upgrade. If you want more information on what the kits include then call us!